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Is it Football or is it Dogball ?

#Notre #Dame inspires great football. My dog loves to play great football. It's all about exercise. Every pet needs daily activity, exercise or play. Both are equally important.

You need to take the lead and motivate your pet. It provides great benefits for both of you.

#Training #with #a #leash or playing off leash is all up to you. My poodle Rosie plays off leash in a fenced in yard to protect her from running in to the street by accident. I walk her 2-4 miles on a leash so that she can be "nosie" for a while. All dogs I think love that feeling of sniffing new grass, new flowers, new scents.

Bring plenty of #dog #water regardless of what activity you plan together. Your pooch comes with a fur coat. Stay safe. Stay hydrated. Remember all animals need movement to keep those legs, heart, lungs strong. And when you are finished your workout, you both will be happy and proud. Remember to wipe your #paws and your dogs.

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