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Is The World Cup More Important Then Your Dog's Bowl ?

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

Our pooches have taken over our lives. I love my poodle, Rosie. Everything that is important in her life is important in my life. Take dog grooming , how often do you brush your pet. Brushing is very important. It relaxes them. It removes loose hair. It massages them. It shows them love and affection. Remember to be gentle. Never exert to much force. That will frighten them. I use a comb after I brush my dog. Tickles a bit but she loves it. What about dog bathing, Twice a month for my Rosie. I prefer bar soap. They do make it, may have to google it for store locations. Something mild - oatmeal and chamomile works great. The paws- so important. I check her feet often . Her paw pads are sensitive to heat. I like #mushers #secret . Apply as needed. Hot or cold pavement is felt by every dog. Remember to trim the long hairs from her pads. Keeps it cleaner. The #dog collar, check it often. When they get old sometimes they can break. I wipe my dogs collar with mild soap. A clean dog is a #happy #dog. The dog bowl should kept clean. Also, get the right size. Too big, your kitchen will be messy. Plus their ears will be soaking in the food. Remember get a heavy dog bowl . It stops them from moving it around. Remember a #good #dog is the result of good dog training.

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