Each Look No Hands Dog Leash tm is 10 feet long and has a snap hook sewn into the nylon webbing at each end. Two additional slider clips are sewn in to provide an expandable loop that the wearer can place around their waist, across their body etc. The expandable loop is an option. The second slider can be used to shorten the length of the leash, bringing your pet closer to you in distance. Each leash has additional stitching to provide additional security and overall strength.

LOOK NO HANDS Dog Leash tm

  • Walking your pet should always be enjoyable, safe and unrestricted. Most people wrap traditional leashes around their wrist multiple times just to make sure they won't drop their leash and lose their pet. With our leash, once you place it across your body your hands are free to direct your dog as needed. Play with your dog. Answer your phone. Drink some water. Train your dog. Relax and enjoy your time with your pet. The center of your body is your core, more stable then any one handed looped leashes. Enjoy your walk. Don't get walked by your dog !